Enrichment Program


Culinary Program:

Our unique culinary program provides a great opportunity for our children and promotes healthy eating habits and creativity while building and reinforcing basic life skills. This program also allows our children to explore and learn about all five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.)  Basic knowledge gained in relation to math and language is reinforced during these culinary activities. This program will help improve a child’s attention span and memory.

Music Program:

We fully recognize the important role music plays in the child’s development and will be introducing age appropriated music programs to our children. An overwhelming number of research publications have highlighted the beneficial effects of child’s introduction to music in early childhood education.  Exposure to music offers many benefits. Music promotes creativity, memory, logical thinking, understanding scientific concepts, math skills (proportional reasoning – ratios, fractions, proportions and thinking in space and time), spatial-temporal reasoning (once ability to see disassembled parts and ability to mentally put it together), language acquisition, listening and motor skills. Musical experiences integrate these different skills simultaneously, resulting in developing multiple brain neural connections. When a child learns to play a musical instrument, not only does he learn how to make music, but also enhances other capabilities of his brain as well.

Math Program:

Our math program is based on a very basic principal that is very elegantly stated by Einstein in a simple sentence – “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it???. True learning tends to come much more easily when children have hands on experiences with concrete educational materials that show what is taking place in a given mathematical process. Only after a child has a strong storehouse of direct experiences, which includes the ability to visualize, can he or she readily grasp more abstract mathematical concepts.

Latest research done in this field has revealed that babies as young as five months old exhibit a strong understanding of basic mathematical principles. Their comprehension continues to grow mainly through hand-on experiences. They learn math first through play, music, arts, dancing, eating and various other everyday activities. Later on they are introduced to Montessori’s famous hands-on learning math materials which make abstract concepts clear and concrete. Using this Montessori material’s a child can literally see and explore what is going on in math. They could see, touch and hold, units of 1, 10, 100, 1000 and so on, reinforcing the idea of  – “if I could picture it, I will understand it???. Our approach offers a clear and logical strategy of helping students understand and develop a sound foundation of math and geometry.

Spanish Program:

Our Language Immersion Spanish curriculum balances fun and learning while offering children opportunities to expand their language development. Through thoughtfully designed activities and a strong literature component, your child will learn a second language as their teachers use a combination of different strategies to make learning memorable and enjoyable.