Our toddler program builds upon the infant program by introducing age appropriate activities and new learning opportunities that will develop their communication, social, physical and intellectual skills. Toddlers are full of energy, curious and ready to explore the world.  They are starting to take their first steps towards independence.  It is a very critical time of one’s life. This is when the foundation is being laid for future development.

Our program helps our little ones to explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment.  Children learn the best through hands-on activities. Our SKLC toddler program specially focuses on this aspect. Various hands-on activities are organized to improve their communication, social and cognitive skills.


At Safari kids your toddler will participate in age appropriate activities. Our teachers develop lesson plans based on the child individual needs and interest.

We integrate basic academic fundamentals like alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, both in English and Spanish.

During the day with us, your Safari explorer will enjoy singing songs and participate in pretend and play activities.

Activities are organized to improve their vocabulary through identification and repetition.

We encourage your children to instill basic personal hygiene practices and take care of their body i.e., washing their hands, brushing their teeth, covering their mouth when coughing etc. They are encouraged to feed themselves.

Children enjoy age appropriate play toys and practice sharing with other students.

Our teachers encourage the child to work at their own speed so they feel successful in the skills they are developing.

Your child is fully engaged with their teachers when socializing with one another, playing with toys, during circle time, painting, exploring sand and water, exploring picture books, during music and movement class and playing outdoors.

Our toddler program focuses on the following skills and activities:

  • Receptive Language Development
  • Verbal Expression
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Perceptual Motor training
  • Listening Skills
  • Letter, Numbers, Shapes and Color Recognition
  • Reading, writing and simple Math Introduction
  • Circle time.
  • Dramatic Play
  • Puzzles and games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science and cooking
  • Music
  • Outdoor and Indoor play
  • Fine and large motor skill development.

SKLC TODDLERS CURRICULUM (primary areas of focus):


Between the age of 2 and 3 years old, children language explodes, their vocabulary can grow to 300 words, our teachers provide them with activities to communicate with their friends and teachers. To support their desire for language skills, our staff communicates with your child throughout the day, helping them to relate words to objects in their surroundings.

Toddlers are engaged in singing simple songs, recite nursery rhyme and expand their vocabulary through variety of activities.  Children develop their language skills through interactive reading and during story time. We use story time and word games to help your child practice how to imitate and respond, asking questions and following simple direction also. Children are encouraged to say 3 or 5 words sentences.


Our Math’s program is your child’s first step towards mathematical understanding.

Young children form mathematical concepts long before they learn about numbers. Our toddler classroom is full of math activities like sorting, matching and stacking by shape, size and color. Our teachers help your little ones take the first steps of mathematical understanding by using activities and hands on material to develop concept of more/less, under/over, inside/outside, full/empty; playing sorting and matching game; counting number songs during circle time; counting 1,2,3 while passing snacks to children during snack time to name a few.


We encourage your child creativity and imagination through variety of arts and craft activities. Our teachers encourage activities and innovation by engaging children in artistic experiences that allow them to explore and enjoy art.  Meaningful experiments in the art area allows toddler to think creatively and enhances development in other areas. Your toddler will have plenty of opportunities to use paints, brushes, finger-paints, textured sponges, play dough, clay etc.


Our program for all ages focuses on imaginative play, we encourage imagination, creativity through helping with props, and others pretend and play equipment like Kitchen Center, doll houses, fire station, Clinic, salon etc.

Pretending and imagining is a mental state that allows children to explore , expand and question, and that comes when child plays, when he plays he or she has control over what he sees, what is used and how  that activity transfer into child’s brain.  Pretend and imaginative play encourages the development of problem- solving. Children who play imaginatively in early life are more likely to think creativity and are better problem solvers as they grow older.

Imaginative play allows child and practice decision making skills, social and language skills increases with pretend and imaginative play. Imaginative play during early years in child’s life connects brain cells to brain cells, laying the ground work for life time creativity.


Our staff encourages your child to listen to different types of music, move freely to music, sounds and rhythm. Exposure to music at early age has a huge influence on child’s development. Our music and movement program provides fun and educational curriculum for the classroom.


Children are encouraged in variety of physical activities to  develop gross motor skills such as throwing and catching ball, kicking, walking and running,  jumping and beam balancing activities. These fun activities help in developing strong muscles for heathy body and self-confidence.


Our staff encourages healthy habits and positive attitude about wellness. We emphasize on healthy menu for lunches and snacks and your children develop independence by feeding themselves. We want to make sure that your child feel happy and strong and nourished every day. Our curriculum focuses on developing life time healthy habits in your child. Our teachers help your child to understand how bodies work and what they need to protect them from getting sick, importance of hygiene etc.